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NFL Draft revisit

We analyze why the 49ers went with Trey Lance and what the repercussions are.

Fitz Blitz Draft Preview

We break down the video of the top-5 ranked QBs coming into Thursday’s draft, find who we like and would be happy to have as a 9er, and who Kyle Shanahan might be leaning towards.

Ric Flaring, moving mounds, and double hooks.

Where did the “wooooos” at baseball games come from? Fitz has the origin story. Will moving the mounds back do anything? Fitz has the numbers. And what if the DH comes out when the starting pitcher comes out?

Why it’s good we’ve complained about baseball.

While I tune out the whining about modern baseball, there are changes that wouldn’t be happening without it. I have things I’m new school about, I have things I’m old school about, so let’s talk one-size-fits all approaches for managing pitching, Fitz Blitz Fantasy tips on how to avoid having pitchers subject to quick hooks, […]

Exit Interview… skrt, skrt.

We check in with the Vallejo Admirals Championship Manager, PJ Phillips, on his new job managing the Lexington Legends as they begin play in the Atlantic League, the changes in affiliated baseball, rule changes throughout the minors, and his time in Vallejo.

Dubs return to action

I’m watching ENTIRE PRESEASON GAMES! What can we take from the opener? We look at the schedule format and early-season match ups, wonder if anyone wants James Harden, how Westbrook and Beal pair up, and more.

NFL pretends everything’s fine

Am I making too much of a perceived double standard on COVID-19 protocols compared to all the other sports? Chris suspects preferential treatment within the league, 9ers own the Lambs, wrap around the league, and what are these owners doing for charity?

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