Fitz Blitz Fantasy Tips

Fantasy baseball junkie, Dave Grant, calls in for his first Fitz Blitz Fantasy Tips. 

Is Souza for real? Amir Garrett? Deep dives and when should you be patient?


Dave Grant calls in for a preview of our non-copywrite infringing weekly world of baseball segment to be named later. We discuss the first few weeks of MLB’s trends, surprises and disappointments. 

Royan Hammond, Tino Avila, & Raiders relocation rivisited

Michelle Healy of Michelle Healy Production brings two more of her boxing ambassadors onto the Fitz Blitz to promote boxing at the Empress Theatre. 

We chat veteran boxer Royan Hammond, an ’84 Olympic alternate.

And up-and-comer, Tino Avila of Golden Boy Boxing, ranked 10th by the WBC.

SPSV 2 Titles in 1 Year, PAL Boxing, MLB Preview

St. Patrick-St. Vincent becomes first school in CA history to win 2 state champions in one school year, Stanford advances to another final 4, Dubs get hot, and I argue Steph Curry is not a one trick pony. 

Plus I chat with promoter Michelle Healy and Vallejo boxer Ryan Bourland about the Empress Challenge Boxing series at the Empress theater, and what it means for Vallejo!

Farewell Raiders

The Raiders move to Las Vegas has been approved by a vote of 31-1, with Miami as the only opposition to the move. So what happens to the Raiders Finest Hour?

Well, full disclosure, Raider Nation, there were only going to be to be three more episodes of the Finest Hour regardless of the Vegas vote. …

Meet Dave Grant!

We get to know all about my new Broadcasting & Media Assistant with the Admirals, Dave Grant!  We talk about why and how he got into broadcasting, himself as a fan, his newly-discovered green thumb & more!!

2017 Wrap With CMA's Bryan Rooney

Cal Maritime Men’s Basketball Coch Bryan Rooney wraps up the season with me after the gut-wrenching, buzzer-beater loss  to end the streak of national tournament appearances. We talk about the streak, what he and his team leanred this year, his teaching tools, his 10 years at CMA, and the future of the program and Cal Pac Conference. 

KD Down, and the Fitz Blitz Fantasy Formula

  • Does bigger school equal better ball for the viewer?
  • Can the Warriors win without KD? 
  • And no music a at MSG is a personal affront to Draymond!
  • The first Fitz Blitz fantasy baseball tips of 2017. How to prep for the draft and find sleepers!

Around the World; NBA All Star Weekend

I talk about the best and worst moments from NBA All Star Weekend 2017, fix the dunk contest (again), defend the Kings trade of perpetual head ache DeMarcus Cousins, and swat down the theory that the earth is flat, and explain why it’s harmful for NBA Celebrities to spread that garbage.

Blitzing and Breaking it Down

Pete Turner and Jon Leon Guerrero of the Break It Down Show join me to talk Super Bowl 51, NFL and MLB Hall of Fame, Willie Calhoun and more!

Super Bowl 51 Wrap

How did the Evil Empire pull off that improbable comeback? What does it mean for 49er fans? Where does Lady Gaga’s half time show rank all time? And I answer who stole Brady’s jersey!

NFL Abusive to Fans, Super Bowl Set

I preview Super Bowl 51, and tell the NFL I’m not taking their abuse anymore. I thank NBA coaches for talking about real life.

Raiders Fall Apart, & 2016 Micro Trends

The Raiders limp to the finish. What’s next for the Silver and Black? And 9er fans reveled in Raider Nation’s pain? Then let’s talk about their situation. 

College Football Championship preview, Keelhaulers return home, Warriors 4th-quarter woes, and the sports trends of 2016.

SPSV Wins State, Raiders Make Playoffs!

The Bruins win the 6-A California State title! Coach Hawkins joins me to talk about their championship season. The Raiders return to the postseason with the potential for more, and why Dramon Green may not be pleased with the new CBA agreement. 

SPSV Moves on to State Championship

Road-weary Warriors, Raiders stumble in KC, and St. Patrick-St. Vincent head football coach Lane Hawkins joins me as they  prepare for a shot at a state championship!

SPSV High Wins D-5 NCS, Raiders 10-2

More not apologizing for being a Dubs fan. The Raiders are 10-2!??!?! What are the 49ers playing for? 

And Matt O’Donnell of the Vallejo Times Herald joins me to talk St. Pat-St. Vincent Bruins winning NCS D-5 title, and their chance to represent Norther California in the 6-A state playoffs.

Raiders Winning Season, Kaep & Castro

The Raiders are 9-2! How the hell did they blow a lead & comeback against Carolina? Kaepernick & Castro, Lew leaves the A’s, Dubs looking like themselves, and high school playoffs. 

The Surreal Life, That Just Happened

NBA coaches give me a reason to delve into how this bizarre, unfathomable presidential election happened, and how it affects us all, even the apolitical. 

Raiders 7-2, & The Big Political Game

I ask what’s next for the World Series teams, call Russell Westbrook Dubs’ public enemy #1, and preach patience for a Warriors team that could be .500 after the first 2 months.

Are the Raiders really better than the Broncos? What’s next for the 9ers? And the local Vallejo high school and college sports wrap up.

World Series, Dubs Preview, Admirals Gloves

I preview who has the advantage in the battle of the cursed World Series and reveal the Admirals winners of the Pac Associations top defenders.

I answer if the Raiders got lucky with a bad opponent or if they created their 33-16 victory of the Jags, and where the 49ers problems start.

Chris Owens & Matt O’Donnell join me to talk local high-school sports, preview the Warriors on the eve of their opener, and more.

Return of the Kaep

I discuss the Giants' one item shopping list, and why I don’t deal in absolutes in baseball.

I discuss the Raiders failed game plan, and the Admirals' Mellisa DeCasas joins me to talk 49ers, homecomings, and youth sports!

Admirals Hour, Giants Down, Raiders Up

Chris and I update Admirals fans on offseason biz, and discuss how working in the industry affects big-league fandom.

Marilyn Pittman and I discuss MLB playoff managerial decisions and the presidential debates. 

I answer why Raiders got beat deep, but still got the W, go off on the idea of starting Christian Ponder instead of re-inserting Kaepernick, and wrap up opening week of SCAC play in Vallejo Area High School Football.

MLB Playoffs, Trump, Raiders 3-1

I’m joined by radio host and stand-up comedian, Marilyn Pittman, to talk MLB Playoffs and the unavoidable topic that is Donald Trump.

I theorize the Raiders don’t want to be TOO good in Oakland, and that the 49ers are tanking if they Stick with Gabbert after Arizona game.

Matt O’Donnell of the Vallejo Times Herald joins me to discuss local high school football, Stanford and Cal, MLB Playoffs and if more managers will be canned.

Break it Down Show Talks MLB, Kaep

Pete Turner and Jon Leon Guerrero of the Break It Down Show join me to remember how Sept. 11th changed our lives, discuss Colin Kaepernick’s protest of police brutality, and revisit our pick at the beginning of the MLB season.

I finish the show talking about the origins of the Star Spangled Banner at sporting events, the bad luck it brought, and what Kaep has created.

Season Wrap Up of 2016 Admirals, NFL Preview

I tie bow on another Admirals baseball season, and Admirals owner Kevin Reilly joins me in studio to talk about the progress the franchise made this season. 

I discuss the Kaepernick situation, make my official predictions for the two Bay Area NFL teams, and take a look at the MLB standings.

Watson and Figgy

Admirals reliever Joe Watson and catcher Cyle Figueroa stop by The Blitz to talk about everything from their careers to the MLB, to NFL.

Live 4th of July Parade Coverage

Live interviews with Admirals players from our float in the 4th of July parade in Vallejo!

Vallejo Admirals 2016 Season Preview

Chris and I preview the 2016 Vallejo Admirals season with Roman Gomez and Nick Grimm.

Dia De Los Dubs

I mourn the end of the Warriors historic season ending in failure. Cal State Maritime Head Men’s Basketball Coach, Bryan Rooney, offers words of reassurance and consolation. 

I talk what final ingredient the Admirals need to get rolling in the first half of the 2016 Pacific Association Season.

Blues v. Sharks & Basebrawl

Fitz delves into his personal torture of covering the Sharks in Western Conference Finals vs. Blues for the 1st time. 

Vallejo Admirals Professional Baseball begins spring training number four!

We preview and make predictions for the Warriors in the NBA Western Conference Finals, talk basebrawl, the Fitz Blitz Fantasy Tips, & l

The Only Rule Is...

The Warriors face a tipping point as Steph wins a 2nd straight MVP award.

Fitz lets out his competitive side, and wonders if the Sonoma Stompers SABR experiment hurt its acceptance by old school baseball folks.

Fitz Blitz fantasy tips and local scholastic sports playoff pictures. 

Dubs v. Blazers, NFL Draft Review

I blitz the Raiders-to-Vegas story, talk baseball with Tom Macari of the Pittsburg Diamonds, playoff hoops with Cal Maritime Coach, Bryan Rooney, break down the NFL draft with Nomad of “The Round Table” on Ozcat Radio, and talk local sports and more with sports editor of the Vallejo Times Herald, Matt O’donnell.

Curry's Slip & Pac Association Tryouts

I blitz the Houston Ball Boys and NHL officiating. The Taint and I give our prognostications for the Warriors without MVP, Steph Curry, share our first-hand look at on the Pacific Association Tryout, take another shot at some fantasy ball recommendations and I explain the “Mingo Scale,” in our NFL draft preview!

Dubs v. Rockets & Take-Out Slides

Myself, Nomad of Ozcat Radio, Admirals Manager Mike Samuels, and Vallejo Times Herald Sports Editor Matt O’Donnell attempt to answer these questions:

Will the Dubs sweep the Rockets, or can that un-likable bunch from Houston steal a few? 

Rams trade a king’s ransom for the 1st overall pick. …

Dubs Get 72, MLB Opening Week

We send our opening blitz after gossip column sports coverage and the lagging wage adjustment for U.S. Women’s Soccer.

We predict the Warriors will win 73 and say why they won’t be worn out for the post season.

Cal State Maritime Head Men’s Basketball coach, Bryan Rooney joins us to talk hoops and for the first installment of our new segment “How Does That Happen?

MLB Preview Show

I whip through the rest of the sports world that isn’t MLB baseball: Warriors, Final Four, and NFL rule changes.

Then we get to the heart of the show as Pete Turner and Jon Leon Guerrero of the Break It Down Show join me to talk baseball hot topics and business, and make our division winner predictions.

March Madness, Dubs in San Antonio

We preview the sweet 16, discuss our favorite moments from the first two rounds, question if power conference teams get favorable officiating, if the West Coat Conference is better than the Pac 12, college ball vs. pro debate, and the mess the Cal Bears are in.

We analyze if the Spurs put out a blueprint to stop the Warriors, their pursuit of history, and this strange Adam LaRoche story.

I'm a Man, I'm 40

My good friend, William McDuffie, joins me here on the West Coast to talk the Warriors dominance, what the opinion of them is in the Midwest, our NCAA Bracket winners, and NFL free agent moves.

Coach Bryan Rooney of Cal Maritime men’s hoops discusses their run in the NAIA D-2 National Tournament, the season as a whole, what lies ahead in the offseason, the Warriors’ critics, and the NCAA selection committee.

Lumberjacks Origin Story

How the heck did the Warriors lose to the Lakers? We discuss if it’s a blip or a bad trend, and address if they’re ruining the game.

We talk 49ers and Raiders free agent needs, and UFC action.

And Tom Macare of the Pittsburg Diamonds tells us the origin story of the franchise and the old East Bay Lumberjacks, and discusses the surreal experience of working with Jose Canseco.

Leap Day 2016

Admirals Manager, Mike Samuels, joins me to talk Warriors as I officially put it on record that I think they will beat ‘ 95-’96 Bulls record and repeat as NBA Champs. And we talk MLB slide and pace-of-play rules, and other MLB news on his last show before he heads down to MLB Spring Training.

Living the Dream

Original Admirals PA voice and on field MC, Bruce Jones, joins us. We talk Warriors, NFL, MLB, NASCAR, local sports, and  more!

The Double Standard Is Real

I coach up Cam Newton, and tear down the Manning facade as we examine the double standard in the media’s presentation of them.

Admirals Manager Mike Samuels talks spring training with us, along with Brandon Belt’s contract, the Khris Davis trade, and other MLB news.

And we’re joined by Vallejo Times Herald Sports Editor, Matt O’Donnell to talk local sports and the top stories of the day.

Super Bowl 50 Review

We break down every aspect of the Super Bowl, from the game to the commercials to the halftime, as we delve into how the Broncos kept the Panthers offense un wraps.

We talk Warriors with Omar Lewis, MLB testing for “Drugs of Abuse” and local Vallejo sports.

Super Bowl Predictions, New Admirals Coaches

We give our Super Bowl Predictions, talk about what we liked and didn’t like about Pro Bowl and NHL All Star Game, talk Warriors All Star Reserves, local Vallejo sports, and the Raiders-to-Vegas crappola.

And The Admirals coaching staff has been made official, so we talk with three of the four coaches: Manager Mike Samuels, Pitching Coach, Warren Brusstar, and OF Coach Lonnie Jackson!

Championship Sunday, Spurs-Warriors

We break down Championship Sunday, Raiders five Pro Bowlers, Chip Kelly just wants to coach, preview Spurs-Warriors, local Vallejo Sports, and Six-Degrees of Sammy with Admirals Coach, Mike Samuels.

NFL Relocation, MLK Day '16

I finally get to let it all out regarding NFL relocation, and try to find the positive in it. I make my conference championship predictions, discuss the Dubs lull with my hoops guru, Omar Lews, and talk local sports and more with Matt O’Donnell of the Vallejo Times Herald.

Wild Card Round & Admirals Potential Coaches

We break down Wild Card Weekend, tell Pacman Jones and Bengals fans “They Asked for It,” make our predictions for the divisional round, discuss L.A. relocation plans, and the 49ers interest in Hue Jackson.

We’re also joined by Admirals Interim Manager, Mike Samuels, and his prospective coaches, Warren Brusstar and Tim Wallace, as they tell us why they should be the coaching staff of the Admirals, what they bring to the table, and their opinions on MLB Hall of Fame voting.

NFL Playoffs & Coach Firings 1/4/16

My Admirals broadcast partner, Evan Giddings, is back in town to talk NFL playoffs, coach firings, potential coaching candidates for the the 49ers — including one with a Bay Area past — and potential landing places for Jared Goff.

Vallejo Times Herald Sports Editor, Matt O’Donnell joins us to talk Warriors, local sports and college football!

Fitz Blitz 12/28/15

Jon Leon Guerrero and Pete Turner of the “Break it Down Show” join me to tie a bow on 2015, talk 49ers, Raiders, LA Football, Peyton Manning’s name gets dropped by a PED peddler, and more!

Fitz Blitz 12/21/15

We ponder a possible ownership change for the 49ers, and breakdown the Raiders loss to the Packers.

Mike Samuels talks hoops and hardball with us, including ’95-’96 Bulls vs. current Warriors talk from Charles Barkley  and Giants Cueto signing.

Matt O’Donnell talks local sports and more, and the Timmy Fitz conspiracy theory of the week!

Fitz Blitz 11/23/15

I explain why the Raiders are on a losing streak, address the apparent end of Kaepernick in SF, talk Warriors with Omar Lewis, and local sports and MLB Awards with Matt O’Donnell. 

Fitz Blitz 11/16/15

I’m joined by Chris Owens of 107.7 the Bone to talk about the attacks in Paris, state of the Raiders and 49ers as we enter 2nd half of the season, the protests at Mizzou, local Vallejo sports, and MLB Rookie of the year.

Fitz Blitz 11/2/15

Marilyn Pittman and I dissect the World Series, second guess Terry Collins, and talk Pete Rose’s cult status. 

I answer if the Raiders are a playoff team, and if the 49ers tanking? 

I tell the rest of the Western “They asked for it!” as the Warriors doubters keep the chip on their shoulder large in this hot start.

Fitz Blitz 10/26/15

The Raiders went in to San Diego and dominated, while the 49ers have injury added to insult as they are crushed at home by the Seahawks. 

I’m joined by Evan Giddings to talk Chargers-Raiders, the A’s offseason plans, and the World Series. And I talk Warriors season opener with Evan and my other guest, Fitz Blitz hoops expert, Omar Lewis.

Fitz Blitz 10/12/15

I talk MLB Playoffs with my guest Marilyn Pittman, breakdown the Raiders & 49ers losses to the Manning brothers, and discuss the disrespect from Western Conference for the Warriors.

Fitz Blitz 10/5/15 NFL, MLB Playoffs, CC

I try to pinpoint what went wrong for the Raiders and 49ers in week 4, wrap up 2015 for the Giants and A’s, preview the MLB playoff picture and make my wild card predictions, and discuss CC Sabathia’s decision to check into rehab.

Fitz Blitz 9/28/15 With Break it Down Show

I’m joined by Pete Turner and Jon Leon Guerrero of The Break It Down Show! We talk NFL action, our favorite current and all-time QBs, MLB Playoff picture & predictions, NL MVP race, and pay our respects to Yogi Berra.

They also share their stories from their interviews of Jay Mohr & Dodgers in-stadium DJ, DJ Severe.

Fitz Blitz 9/14/15

I break down the Raiders disastrous season opener, preview the 49ers Monday Night 2015 opener, talk Tim Hudson and MLB playoffs with Evan Giddings, and tell Giants fans to embrace every-other-year pattern.

Fitz Blitz 9/7/15 Admirals Wrap, NFL Preview

I put the 2015 Admirals season to bed, and chat with manager Garry Templeton II about where things went wrong on the field and what he would do differently. He gives his reasoning behind his moves, and responds to former GM Kathy Beistel blaming fiscal issues on the team’s play.

I discuss The Admirals plans for a bigger and better 2016, my response to Beistel’s comments as well, and of course talk Giants and the MLB playoff picture.  

Fitz Blitz 8/10/15

My broadcast partner on Admirals Baseball broadcasts, Evan Giddings, makes one more Fitz Blitz appearance before heading back to school for his senior year.  

We talk A’s, Giants, 49ers, Raiders, and… Chargers? Ok. I get in a Fantasy Ball Blitz, and we even talk a little Floyd Mayweather.

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