Exit Interview… skrt, skrt.

The Fitz Blitz
The Fitz Blitz
Exit Interview... skrt, skrt.

We check in with the Vallejo Admirals Championship Manager, PJ Phillips, on his new job managing the Lexington Legends as they begin play in the Atlantic League, the changes in affiliated baseball, rule changes throughout the minors, and his time in Vallejo.

1 thought on “Exit Interview… skrt, skrt.

  1. Richard Griffin Je.

    Great to see PJ still managing a squad, as far as these rule changes I say please leave our great game alone. Baseball is a great game the Diamond is set in a way that has been great for the game forever. It should never change. Pitchers throw harder but they can’t pitch a full game, let’s make an adjustment on how we scout for players ; pitchers. Pick ball players that play the game the right way. Not just biggest strongest guys that only do one thing and all the same things. Pick pitchers that hit spots and change speeds font change the rule that completely eliminates that talent. Pick hitters that execute a hit & run and can bunt the ball not just guys who hit the ball the farthest and striking out a million times.

    It’s not the great game it’s each scout looking and drafting the same type of players competing with each other instead of drafting ball players that play the game of baseball correctly ⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️

    So in direct words do g change the game / change the people that’s running the game who do not realize the greatness of the game. This great game is already fixed. Time to meet about scouting real baseball ⚾️ players who have been overlooked for the one dimensional player. We need smart scouts. No good baseball men to have our great game played correctly.
    Stop competing with football 🏈 & basketball 🏀 you don’t have to, you have the greatest game in the world. No clock, no free base; throw the intentional base on ball pitches. 18 inning games are historic.

    You get my picture ⚾️⚾️⚾️


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