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Farewell Raiders

The Raiders move to Las Vegas has been approved by a vote of 31-1, with Miami as the only opposition to the move. So what happens to the Raiders Finest Hour?

Well, full disclosure, Raider Nation, there were only going to be to be three more episodes of the Finest Hour regardless of the Vegas vote. …

Admirals Press Release

Admirals to Name Interim Manger, Mike Samuels, Manager

Coaching Staff Will Include Warren Brusstar and Tim Wallace



Vallejo, CA January 26, 2016 –

The Vallejo Admirals are excited to announce Mike Samuels as Field Manager for the 2016 season.

Samuels joined the Admirals as their First Base Coach at the midway point of the 2014 season. …

Admirals Gold Gloves

Four Admirals Win Gold Gloves in 2014


 By Tim Fitzgerald

The old saying goes, "If we score, we might win. If our opponent never scores, we'll never lose.  Defense wins championships." - Erk Russell

The Admirals may have come up one game short of winning the second-half championship in the Pacific Association in 2014, but their championship-caliber defense played a big part in having the opportunity to play for a title on the season's final day and finishing 10 games over .500.     

Admirals Game Wrap

Admirals Take Game One in San Rafael

July 26, 2013

Tim Fitzgerald

The Admirals made their first road trip under new ownership and management this weekend, crossing highway 37 to take on the rival San Rafael Pacifics.  And what the Admirals may lack in pomp, pageantry and decorative bunting in comparison to their cross-bay rivals, they made up for it with spectacular starting pitching and timely hitting.

The Final Pujols Piece

Okay, well... I guess I'll address the elephant in the room on my return to the Blitz.

To those telling me to appreciate everything Albert Pujols did as a St. Louis Cardinal and not be angry, I say, "Don't tell me how to feel!"  

Dude left for an extra $4 mil a year.  Exactly what he said he wouldn't do.  

Hurricanes Were Taken for a Ride

I’ve never been much of a Miami Hurricanes fan.  They were always a little slimy for me.  I didn’t like the bravado, the dirty play, or scandalous behavior of the 1980s and 90s Hurricanes.  

Sorry if I seem less cool for that.  I liked Notre Dame back then.  I do still like 2 Live Crew though.  

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