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Dubs return to action

I’m watching ENTIRE PRESEASON GAMES! What can we take from the opener? We look at the schedule format and early-season match ups, wonder if anyone wants James Harden, how Westbrook and Beal pair up, and more.

NFL pretends everything’s fine

Am I making too much of a perceived double standard on COVID-19 protocols compared to all the other sports? Chris suspects preferential treatment within the league, 9ers own the Lambs, wrap around the league, and what are these owners doing for charity?

Hot Stove and Historic Hire

Shopping lists for the Giants and A’s, was it the right call on Gausman, historic Hire of Karen Ng, and COVID budget crunches.

NBA draft night was soooo 2020

Just when it looked like the Warriors were whole again, they lose a splash brother one more time. How do the Dubs fill the void this season, and do NBA contracts seem out of balance from player to player?

Covering the coverage

So this is the best the cable news networks have to offer huh? And it feels like a cloud has lifted, even if another storm is brewing.

Move on from Jimmy G???

So I guess this is a 9ers podcast now. Let’s delve into Jimmy’s numbers and what his long-term outlook could be.

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